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The power of mathematics rests in the logic of thinking.

Algebra Math Book Content

Here is a complete listing of all the Chapters and Sections that are available.

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Screenshot ID Description Price
Algebra1 This is the entire 700+ pages of the book ready to download. 44.95
Chapter01 The fundamentals of algebra applied to real world experiences 4.95
Sec1-1 Identifying Variables-Translating Word Problems-Grouping Symbols .99
Sec1-2 Integers and the Number Line-Comparing Integers-Opposites-Additive Inverse-Rewritting an Inequality .99
Sec1-3 Absolute Value-Adding Integers-Difference of Two Integers .99
Sec1-4 Multiplying Integers-Dividing Integers .99
Sec1-5 Prime and Composite Numbers-Factored Forms-Prime Factorization-GCF and LCM .99
Sec1-6 Rational Number Forms .99
Sec1-7 Multiplying Fractions-Dividing Fractions-Adding Fractions-Subtracting Fractions .99
Sec1-8 Commutative Properties for Addition and Multiplication-Associative Properties for Addition and Multiplication .99

Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Mathematics should be a requirement in every educational program.

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