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Algebra Math book - Introductory Algebra - Chapter Objectives

This page of my algebra math book, Introductory Algebra,  is a complete list of the objectives discussed in this Chapter and the Section they appear in.

Chapter 10 - Quadratic Equations

Sec10.1 Section10.1-General Form of a Quadratic Equation 1.  Write a quadratic equation in standard form.

Sec10.2 Section10.2-Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring 2.  Solve a quadratic equation by factoring.

Sec10.3 Section10.3-Completing the Square 3.  Find the solution(s) to a quadratic equation by completing the square.

Sec10.4 Section10.4-Quadratic Formula 4.  Solve a quadratic equation by applying the quadratic formula.
5.  Determine how many roots a quadratic equation has by using the discriminant.

Sec10.5 Section10.5-Applied Problems 6.  Solve word problems giving rise to quadratic equations.


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