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Algebra Math book - Introductory Algebra - Chapter Objectives

This page of my algebra math book, Introductory Algebra,  is a complete list of the objectives discussed in this Chapter and the Section they appear in.

Chapter 9 - Radicals

Sec9.1 Section9.1-Square Roots 1.  Identify the parts of a radical expression - that is, the radicand, radical, and root.
2.  Find the square root of a monomial, binomial, square, or trinomial.
3.  Compute a rational approximation to an irrational number.

Sec9.2 Section9.2-Multiplication 4.  Find the product of two or more radical expressions.
5.  Square a binomial with radicals.

Sec9.3 Section9.3-Division 6.  Simplify a radical expression involving fractions.
7.  Rationalize a denominator.

Sec9.4 Section9.4-Addition and Subtraction 8.  Find the sum or difference of radical expressions.

Sec9.5 Section9.5-Pythagorean Theorem 9.  Solve word problems by applying the Pythagorean theorem.

Sec9.6 Section9.6-Radical Equations 10.  Solve equations with radicals by squaring.


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